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Samanea Los Angeles Market and Distribution Centre

With a total area of 430,000 square meters, Samanea Los Angeles Market and Distribution Centre is located at 12071 Bellgrave Avenue, California, United States.

Samanea Dallas Market

Primely located within the new development region in Frisco, Texas, Samanea Dallas Market has a total area of 310,000 square meters. It is situated at the intersection between U.S. Route 380 and State Highway 289. Leveraging on its geographical advantages, Samanea Dallas Market will grow with this young and vibrant city; its exhibition centre and corporate offices will further add colours to the bustling scene.

Samanea New York Market

Samanea New York Market is located at 1500 Old Country Road, Westbury, New York, covering an area of about 160,000 square meters. It is supported by well-developed transportation networks that connect to three major airports: Kennedy International Airport is only 18 miles away; LaGuardia Airport, 30 minutes’ drive; and MacArthur Airport, 35 minutes’ drive. Moreover, Long Island serves as a pioneer of suburban development – it is surrounded by several communities with an average household income of $130,000 and some even reaching $250,000.