Your Career at Samanea

Civil Engineer

Bangkok, Thailand
Job Vacancy : 1


  • Responsible for the review of civil engineering drawings, site inspection, surveying and mapping, the budgetary estimate of civil engineering, and supervising the design organization to modify and improve the drawings as required;
  • Assist in the biddings, participate in the bidding project drawings to answer questions, draft the relevant terms of the building project , and check whether quotation of building project meets the relevant regulations and reasonable fees;
  • Review the construction organization’s working plan , schedule, drawings;
  • Assist in control of the quality, schedule and cost of civil construction, coordinate and solve the professional technical problems in the construction site;
  • Check the relevant civil works in technical data such as design changes and construction changes;
  • Assist in reviewing the completion data, conduct preliminary inspections and acceptance check of single and whole projects, and provide some inspection opinion.


  • Bachelor degree or above in structural engineering, civil engineering and related majors;
  • 25-45 years old, 5 years or more of civil engineering management experience and on-site management experience;
  • Familiar with relevant domestic and overseas construction standards;
  • Proficiency in using office software;
  • Good communication skills in Chinese or English.