Your Career at Samanea

Project Manager

Foshan, China


  • Review drawings for design and construction, and provide suggestions on it;
  • Tender civil engineering projects and provide professional opinions;
  • Formulate the project schedule and comprehensive project management system upon implementation;
  • Perform on-site monitoring on behalf of Party A, review all stages of the project in accordance with the “Three controls, three management and one coordination”, and keep the project on track by reporting to the company on a regular basis;
  • Perform receive and acceptance during the construction.


  • Major in civil engineering or engineering, 33-50 years old;
  • Experience as technical head or project manager of a large overseas project, 3 years of overseas work experience preferred;
  • Hold a professional qualification of engineer or a Grade one constructor certificate (construction engineering major is preferred);
  • Excellent communication skills, able to coordinate and maintain relationship with the general contractor, supervision, and related parties;
  • Good English language proficiency, able to read Chinese and English drawings;
  • Strong project management (control) capability, able to travel overseas.