Your Career at Samanea


Foshan, China
Accounting & Finance


  • Responsible for the company’s financial tasks related to receivables, expenses, tax refunds, etc.;
  • Review and ensure the contracts, invoices, and payment information provided by each business department are accurate and complete, follow up the procurement, sales, warehouse entry and exit data, and other related work, and accurately complete the accounts receivable, payable, and expense related processing;
  • Sort out all export business contracts and documents in a timely manner, and declare export tax in accordance with tax refund regulations;
  • Day-to-day communication and coordination across various departments in the company;
  • Complete other duties assigned by supervisors.


  • Accountancy qualifications, financial accounting related majors, Bachelor’s degree or above, work experience in the same position is preferred;
  • Excellent in handling receivables, expenses, expenses, etc., experience in import and export finance or tax refund is preferred;
  • Good knowledge of national accounting policies, accounting systems and related laws and regulations;
  • Proficient in software such as finance and office software;
  • Sensitive to data with strong good logic analysis ability, sense of responsibility professional ethics and communication skills, meticulous, keeping financial information confidential, and able to work as a team.