Your Career at Samanea

Internal Auditor

Jakarta, Indonesia
Accounting & Finance


  • Prepare and execute departmental audit plan
  • On-site inspection of the documents and materials of the audited entity;
  • Follow-up audit process and  analyze audit results and compile audit reports;
  • Conduct daily review and supervision of the implementation of the company’s internal control process system (including but not limited to budget, expense reimbursement, procurement, investment promotion, property management, capital, etc.).


  • Bachelor degree or above, major in auditing or accounting
  • Familiar with local laws and regulations, policies and corporate accounting standards related to finance, auditing and taxation
  • Relevant work experience in commercial real estate, property management and other industries is preferred
  • Holds ACCA or CIA certificate preferred
  • Good professional ethics, continuous learning ability, independent communication and coordination skills, flexible adaptability
  • Willing to travel on business trip if needed
  • Proficient in the local language, and second language  in Chinese or English