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A Services Platform

Our core business centres around the operations of various global Markets; these Markets provide an excellent venue for small businesses to showcase their products overseas and sell beyond physical boundaries. Our unique strengths lie in our one-stop services that range from logistics solutions, financial services, to exhibition marketing strategies and beyond. We pride ourselves in our integrated business model that branches beyond the core business of market operations to include multiple layers of assorted services.

Samanea offers six additional services on top of its core business of Market operations; these services span across trade fair, tenant operations, exhibition marketing, online operation and offline display, financial services, cross-border logistics, and cross-border trade.

We offer management tools for every single client, such as product tracing services. Meanwhile, to eliminate hassles for small businesses, such as difficulties in staff recruitment and training, we provide all-inclusive operational services on their behalf.

Unlike traditional markets, Samanea provides both online and offline services that closely keep up with digitalising trends. Samanea has collaborated with the e-commerce giant in Southeast Asia – Lazada; we came up with an online operation and offline display model that delivers the best of both worlds. From small foreign exchange transactions to large-scale, cross-border logistics and sales, we are here to ensure a smooth and secured trading process.

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